Two months later, a lot more progress has been made.

A LOT of things have happened since my last update.

I signed up for the Substance free trial and packed as much learning into those 30 days as I could. I ended up making almost a dozen maps in that time, experimenting with a number of generation methods, making maps like crystals, sand, dirt, snow, grass, etc. I also made a night skybox!! Though it’s still kinda borked and I ran out of free trial before I realized it needed to be re-exported. Oops.

Since then, I’ve completely reworked the camera in the actual game to allow full panning, zooming, and rotation. Standard stuff really, but it feels a lot more responsive because of it. I’ve also added some camera animations, and I’ve slapped a Volume in there with a little bloom for good measure.

Next steps include working further on my updated tile designs and functionality, add the rest of the camera animations, and start learning Unity’s VFX system.

I’m not trying to imply I’m anywhere near done — I’m not. I’m not even ready to show it off yet!! But it’s truly coming along and I have hope that it’s actually going to be releasable one day. ❤