April Progress Report

This is not the most exciting update I’ve ever published, but work continues nevertheless! This month, I’ve focused on revamping the game’s internal tools. Specifically, the total rework of the level editor is almost complete, which will allow (much) easier content creation for the game. It’s an important thing to work on, but I’m aware it isn’t anything that most people have a reason to care about, given that the game isn’t even being shown publically yet.

While this has been a solo project so far, I feel it’s time to invite others onboard in hopes of making this game the best it can possibly be. Outside of the level editor revamp, I’ve been commissioning others to work on different aspects of both the game and Nikkums’ House branding. Already in place is a new website background (courtesy @xeneofgenesis, thank you!) and a new company logo is on the way as well. For in-game stuff, artists are working on 3D environments and 2D icon sets, and music and sfx work is being done, too. Given that this is still a hobby project, these folks are being paid out of my pocket for now.

I’m starting to get hopeful that this project will make it to release, and those close to me who have seen the project agree. There is palpable excitement around this as-of-yet unnamed game, and I seriously cannot wait to show it to you!

P.S.: If you’re curious about what the heck is going on here, join the Discord! I’ve posted an incredibly early alpha screenshot to the server, so you can get a better idea of what’s actually being worked on. Keep in mind that the screenshot does not and will not represent the final game, but it might give you a better idea than all the vague-posting I’m doing about it out here. 😂

House 3.0 is online!

The site revamp is here! Well, kinda. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress but in my testing is snappier than the previous version. I’ll be adding more pages over time as I share more about the project I’m actually working on in the first place.

More to come!