“Oh heck it’s been like six months” — Here are some of the other things I’ve been working on this year

As work continues behind the scenes on the project I’ve been vague-posting about on the order of years now, I figure it’s time to share a little more about the other things I’ve been doing, working on, and thinking about in 2020. I’ll start with the things I’ve done since the last update:

Got AWS Certified
To provide a little bit of background on this one, I work full-time as a systems engineer and I build software in my free time. Given this, I’ve been working to marry my educational and career background with my passion, game development, and a good first step toward this has been studying for and passing my first AWS exam, the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. I plan to move forward by getting at least the Developer Associate as well to better arm me with the knowledge needed to build cloud applications, such as network multiplayer backends for upcoming passion projects (cough, what?).

Wrote a bot for the Discord server
It’s pretty bare-bones at the moment but it grants users the Member role to new users automatically and allows those users to choose their name color. Pretty nifty! Feel free to let me know if there is any bot functionality you’d like to see! (And join the server if you haven’t already.)

Figured out how to make Custom Environments work in Fortune Street
This one has been a fun project. I still need to finish up the initial Environment pack so that they all work for looping and large custom maps. This has had some ramifications on the aforementioned project I’ve been vague-posting about, so stay tuned for some news on that!

Wrote documentation for the new Fortune Street Modding Wiki
Also a fun project! Anyone who wants to get into modding the game now at least has a place to start. Includes user’s guides for both Fortune Avenue and the new, beta CSMM, as well as detailed walkthroughs for creating custom environments and music. Also included are some guides on general game editing, like an overview of the filesystem and instructions for editing the files within. Check it out for yourself here!

So what’s next? That deserves its own post! I will aim to have a post about that up soon — and, in the future, I’ll try to do a better job of providing micro-updates along the way.