Custom Street Map Manager

CSMM is a tiny Windows application that allows easy modding of the Wii version of Fortune Street and Boom Street. It supports the following mods:

  • Custom maps
  • Wiimmfi
  • Deflaktor’s ASM Hacks

Latest version: 0.94
Released: May 26, 2020
Operating System: Windows 7 and later
Screenshot: Here (.png, 415KB, opens in a new tab)
Download Full: Here (.zip file, 31.2MB – includes map thumbnails)
Download Lite: Here (.zip file, 8.0MB – does not include map thumbnails)
Source Code: Github

Patch notes:

0.94 (May 26, 2020)

  • Updated the music removal patch to disable all music, not just specific tracks.
  • Fixed an issue where removing music would result in temporary loss of sound effects.
  • Added more maps to the _maps folder.
  • Created separate Full and Lite versions of CSMM: the Full version now includes thumbnails for all the maps in the _maps folder, where the Lite version does not. The operation of the programs is identical, but the Full version is 31MB versus the Lite’s 8MB file size.

0.93d (May 16, 2020)

  • Finally solved the last known file handling bug!
  • Added support for longer file names in the Dynamic Map panel.

0.93c (May 14, 2020)

  • More bugfixes; a test release for troubleshooting the behavior of file handling on some systems.

0.93b (May 3, 2020)

  • Fixed a bug relating to the Wiimmfi patch.
  • Fixed a lingering issue with unhandled exceptions when extracting a file.

0.93 (April 13, 2020)

  • When patching to Wiimmfi, the UI now gets updated to reflect the change.
  • When applying Deflaktor’s ASM hacks, the UI is properly updated to match.
  • Added and populated a _maps folder in the CSMM directory.
  • Fixed a number of softlock scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue where the app wasn’t properly handling input/output ISO file paths.
  • Reworked how the Remove BGM patch is applied.

0.92 (March 22, 2020)

  • Initial public release.

For questions, feedback, or bug reports concerning CSMM, please email or reach out in the #CSMM channel of the Discord server.