House 3.0 is online!

The site revamp is here! Well, kinda. It’s still a bit of a work-in-progress but in my testing is snappier than the previous version. I’ll be adding more pages over time as I share more about the project I’m actually working on in the first place.

More to come!

December → March Update Rollup

I passed my exam in December, which means I’ve been able to spend time on the project again! I’ve made a tonnnn of updates to the project since my last post. Check it out:

  • Built a brand new main menu.
  • Built the foundation for the inventory and equip systems.
  • Overhauled play mode, correcting 99% of the pathing issues I was facing.
  • Remade all the play mode UI elements to look a lot nicer.
  • Added proper camera control to play mode so now the camera follows the players around and reacts to events and such.
  • Added a dynamic minimap that knows how to center itself regardless of map size.
  • Reworked how the game handles input so that controllers work not only with menu navigation but also with actual gameplay. (Proper controller support is in!)
  • Reworked collision detection to bypass the removal of trigger collision handling from PhysX.
  • Reworked the player’s trail renderer so that it always draws a line from the player’s starting position to ending position for each turn.
  • …and fixed countless other silly errors or mistakes.

In the near future, I’ll be migrating this site to a faster web server, and possibly giving it a V3 overhaul so it will look more modern, flexible, and professional. We’ll see! Along with that upgrade will probably come more “site” to sit alongside this blog. I have some other, smaller projects going on that are completely separate from this, but that I’m excited to share as well.