A new coat of paint for the site!

Even though I’m on a bit of a hiatus to study for a cert for my full-time work, I couldn’t stay away completely – the new background and logo were good practice for getting used to my new stylus anyway!

While still clearly a work-in-progress, I’m feeling good about the new look. It has greater contrast and the theme shapes to the background a bit better anyhow. I’ve haven’t done a lot of testing yet so it’s possible there are additional bugs with different browsers or screen sizes, but it looks really nice from where I’m sitting. The bugfixes are probably pretty trivial anyway. (famous last words, heh!)

Separately, while I’m not doing a ton of work on the project right now, I did let myself redraw some UI elements this weekend. It’s a small part of a bigger initiative: eventually, before the game sees a public demonstration of any sort, the UI will need to be entirely overhauled. Not only will this be needed for better keyboard/mouse play, it will also be necessary to support controllers and touch input.

Game development is an excruciatingly long journey, but I’m excited for where things are going! ❤

Five Updates in Nine Days

It’s been a busy, busy week.

It’s not overstating things to say the game has received a facelift. UI is basically unaffected (minus an indicator or two updated — the UI overhaul will come later!) but all the tiles have been updated with more capable ones, a skybox has been added, several player feedback mechanisms have been implemented, and a basic District system is now functional.

In addition to creating a huge list of new assets and systems, here is a summary of just a few of the changes that have been implemented in the past nine days:

-Ported the entire project and its existing assets to Unity’s High Definition Render Pipeline
-Implemented the sixth version of the BoardTile, now powered by Unity’s Shader Graph!
-Reworked the core player movement system. This resolved a number of issues related to movement and allows the game to be played normally again with the new assets.
-Completely reworked the shader responsible for animating the outer border so that it animates based only on in-game events, as opposed to an earlier build where the tiles animated constantly.
-Added the Starfield skybox to Play mode, which is actually still kinda borked due to an export issue. It needs to be re-exported in Substance, which is something I can’t do til I resubscribe. 👀
-Revamped the Camera system to allow full panning, rotation, zooming, and a Reset button (F) to put reset the camera back where it was. This still needs some work.
-Replaced the Disk shape with Diamond, which is far more visually distinguishable from the Sphere.
-Reworked the beginning-of-game camera animation played during game setup.
-Reworked Editor Mode to support the new tiles and their updated feedback mechanisms

I’m implementing these systems with an eye toward future player customization: an example of this is the color palette used for the new Tile system. It’s a 22-color palette to drive District information visually — it’s currently a color assigned to the outer ring of a tile. Rather than simply creating an array of colors and calling it a day, I instead created an entire DistrictPalette class that will eventually allow players to create new palettes and import and export existing ones. It’s just one of many steps I’m planning to take to allow players to truly make this game their own.

Unfortunately, though, this might be my final update for a few months, as I need to take a break to focus on a certification required by my full time job. I’m super pumped to get back to this though!! Maybe I’ll even feel comfortable posting a screenshot on here one of these days~

That’s all for now!